Take examples of Gong sales conversations and embed them directly within a Brainshark course.

About Brainshark

Brainshark’s newest integration lets you take examples of Gong sales conversations and embed them directly within a Brainshark course or attach it as part of a coaching activity. Sales reps can now listen or watch Gong recordings to learn what “good” looks like without ever having to leave the flow of the course.

For example, an onboarding course on mastering the corporate pitch can include a Gong recording of a highly successful sales rep performing the pitch on a sales call with a prospect.

The entire Gong call can be embedded in Brainshark, or you can easily select a snippet of the most important part of the call. When the call is opened in Brainshark, the Gong player will show up directly inside the Brainshark player. Gong also records both audio calls and video calls (Zoom, etc.) -- both work seamlessly with Brainshark.

Why Does This Matter?

Peer learning provides a great opportunity for salespeople to learn best practices by watching examples. It’s not always easy to capture and then share these real-world examples of live sales conversations, but with Brainshark’s Gong integration it is simple. Gong records and surfaces all the calls salespeople make. Sales enablement leaders can then embed select calls into Brainshark training, making it easy to deploy training out to reps, and simple for reps to consume.

A Gong call can also be woven into other components of a Brainshark course. For example, an objection handling course can start with a voice-enriched presentation setting the basics, then the rep watches some best-in-class examples of Gong calls, followed by a coaching activity where they practice and submit a video for review by their manager, and finally a quiz to assess what they have learned.

Here’s How it Works

The integration uses the Gong Embedded Player to allow you to select a call - or a snippet of a call - and copy the URL for sharing. To embed the Gong call in Brainshark, just create or edit a course and add a URL slide with the Gong URL – it’s that simple!

The Gong call appears in the table of contents - the same as other sections of the course. When the user reaches the slide with the embedded Gong call, it is played back within the Brainshark player. Users can use the Gong controls to search within the call, pause or rewind the playback, and switch from video to transcript view.

Gong calls can also be used as part of a coaching activity, where they are accessible from the instruction section and will open a new tab for reps to view or listen.

Gong Coaching Activity By harnessing the best conversations in Gong and leveraging them as learning content in Brainshark, sales enablement leaders can foster peer learning and share best practices to elevate team-wide performance.

The Gong integration is now available for all Brainshark customers. To learn more about the Gong integration with Brainshark, connect with a Brainshark sales consultant today.

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