Get at 360° view into deal activity by weaving buyer engagement data into Gong

About Showpad

The Showpad Sales Enablement platform enables your sales teams to find, prepare, and share content to accelerate revenue growth.

About the Integration

Showpad’s integration with Gong improves deal insight and offers more complete visibility into buyers’ engagement. The integration displays engagement activity alongside other important buyer signals—from lead generation all the way through to customer service interactions—directly within Gong.

That means companies can track how reps are sharing Showpad content and identify how and when buyers are meaningfully engaging with it. In addition to decks, documents, 3D renderings and traditional marketing collateral, Showpad content sharing also includes more personalized video messaging, digital dealrooms, and multimedia pages, giving reps the ability to present information in a modern, visually compelling way.

Get a 360° view of buyer activity, and start to use data and insight to understand and adapt to buyer behavior and adapt to close more deals faster.

NEW! Showpad now also allows you to track Mutual Action Plan activities so you can efficiently collaborate with your buyer towards a closed deal. Activate notifications when next steps and action items are created, assigned and completed and keep driving deal momentum.

Key Benefits

At a glance access to all deal activity

By including every piece of content shared between a seller and buyer into the Gong timeline, and the content engagement resulting from that share, sellers and managers can quickly assess deal health and take necessary actions.

Understand the buyers interest in shared content

View the buyer's consumption activity for rich marketing and product content, video messaging as well as multi-media page that have been shared with them.

Detect signals of deeper buyer engagement

Understand when a buyer is especially engaged by detecting when they have reshared the content with another member of the buying team or when they frequently interacted with specific content.

How to Connect

  1. Open the Online Platform and select Admin Settings
  2. Select the Showpad Apps Tab
  3. Click Install
  4. Select the Gong Integration App and click Install
  • If you don't see the App, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.
  1. Once installation is confirmed, you can see where the App is used, disable automatic updates, or uninstall the App
  2. Open Settings and select the Gong Tab to authorize the Gong integration
  3. The integration is now set up


What type of engagement activity can be tracked with this integration?

The following activity will be added to the Gong Deals Timeline: Shared Content, Viewed Content, Re-Shared Content, Invited to Shared Space, Joined Shared Space, Commented in Shared Space, Next Steps - Mutual Action Plan created, Next Steps - Action created, Next Steps - Action assigned, Next Steps - Action completed.

What are the prerequisites for data showing up in the platform?

The deal must be synced from the CRM to Gong; the recipient email address must exist as a contact in the CRM; the deal must have a close date in the future.

What is the availability of this integration?

The Showpad integration with Gong is included in the Showpad Content Ultimate package, and available as an add-on for Content Plus customers.

Please reach out to your Gong and Showpad Account Executives or Customer Success Managers to get the integration enabled.

Showpad Integration

Showpad screenshots

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