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Unleash the power of videos in your revenue strategy.

About Hippo Video

Hippo Video, powered by generative AI, is making video adoption effortless for business teams across verticals. Their innovative video solutions empower businesses to craft personalized, and interactive video content at scale. In addition to conventional video production, its AI-powered tools streamline and enhance the entire video creation process, setting the standard for the future of video creation and generation.

Hippo Video’s integration with Gong unifies your video engagement data with other sales conversation data to improve customer understanding, sales performance, and win rates.

Simply access your Hippo Video library directly within Gong's Email Composer to create personalized video messages that move your deals forward. Whenever viewers engage with these embedded videos, Gong automatically captures the data, providing valuable insights to inform your decisions and optimize your sales strategy.


Push Hippo Video Events to Gong Activity Timelines

Gain insights into customer sentiment and buying signals by analyzing both verbal and nonverbal cues (including video engagement data) alongside other sales conversation data.

Embed Hippo Video Content from the Gong Email Composer

Use Gong's Email Composer to easily add personalized video messages to your outreach and directly influence your deal pipeline.

Boost Sales Performance

Make data-driven decisions to optimize your sales process. Identify opportunities and close deals faster with real-time insights.


How can I include a video in my emails using Gong?

WIth the Hippo Video integration, simply click the Hippo Video icon within your Gong email composer. You can then record a fresh video message or choose an existing one from your library for a seamless experience.

Can I edit videos directly within Gong?

Absolutely! The Hippo Video and Gong integration allows you to make quick edits to your videos without ever leaving Gong. This eliminates the need to switch between tools, saving you valuable time.

Can I personalize videos added to emails?

Absolutely, you can create one-on-one video messages directly within Gong, or leverage pre-recorded personalized videos from your library to tailor your messages for every prospect individually for maximum impact. How does this integration improve my sales workflow? This integration streamlines your workflow by allowing you to manage and share videos directly within Gong, reducing the need to switch between multiple tabs and tools. It enhances efficiency and ensures consistency of messaging.

Can I create videos without recording?

Hippo Video’s AI Avatar technology provides you a quick and stress-free alternative to creating videos to influence your sales conversations. Choose an avatar from Hippo Video library (or create your own), upload your script, and generate a video.

How to Connect

Step 1: Connect Hippo Video with Gong for seamless data flow!

A. Access Integrations: After logging into your Hippo Video account, click on Settings and look for the "Integrations" section. B. Find Gong: Within the sales integrations list, locate "Gong." C. Authorize Gong: Click on "Gong" and follow the on-screen prompts to grant Hippo Video access to your Gong account. This will ensure your video data flows smoothly between the two platforms.

Step 2: Craft personalized video emails directly within Gong!

A. Find your target: Open the deal or contact you want to reach out to in Gong. B. Start composing: Click on "Write Email" to begin crafting your message. C. Unlock video power: Look for the "Integration" button and choose "Hippo Video." D. Choose your video: You can either record a fresh video using the built-in tool or pick an existing one from your Hippo Video library. E. Seamlessly embed: Click "Insert" to effortlessly add the video into your email. F. Finalize and send: Alongwith personalizing the video, double-check it for any errors before hitting "Send"!

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