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About Trumpet

trumpet is a buyer enablement platform where sales and customer success teams can centralize their buyer journeys with Pods (microsites) - interactive, collaborative and trackable spaces that are proven to close more deals quicker.

Mutual action plans, demo recordings, proposals, documents and much more all in one automatically personalised and easy to share link. Equip your champion with everything they need to sell your solution internally when you're not in the room while standing out from the competition.

About the Integration

With trumpet's Gong integration, you can add your Gong Recordings to your Pods to centralise the buyer journey, making it easy for your champion to share your solution with the wider stakeholders. Any Pod analytics such as Views, Document Downloads, Comments or Completion of Mutual Action Plan Steps are sent back as activity to your Deals in Gong, helping you to forecast more accurately.


B2B Microsites from Outreach to Onboarding

trumpet's Pods (microsites) are used by revenue teams across the world for Digital Sales Rooms, Business Cases, Post Demo Follow Ups, Proposals, Onboarding, and much more. They're auto-personalized, interactive & trackable spaces, created in minutes and used to collaborate with your buyers and centralize everything they need to make a decision in one link.

Share Gong Recordings in your trumpet Pods

Find and embed Gong Recordings in your trumpet Pods to bring all stakeholders up to speed whilst centralising the buyer journey.

Mutual Plans & Customer Onboarding

Keep customers aligned with trumpet's Mutual Action Plan Widget. Give your buyers visibility on what's coming next and create accountability to keep deals moving forward. Assign steps with due dates and file uploads.

How to Connect

You must have a trumpet Scale Plan license to access this integration.

  • Log in to
  • Go to the Integration page
  • Click 'Connect' on the Gong integration and follow the approval flow
  • Once connected, you’ll be able to add the Gong Widget and any Gong Recordings to your trumpet


Which CRM do you need to integrate trumpet with Gong
  • Salesforce

(Note: At this time only the call embed function of this integration is available for HubSpot users.)

Is there a minimum number of licenses required?
  • No
What data can I get from using trumpet?
  • Insights into the async buyer journey such as Pod views, comments, attachment downloads, steps completed in mutual action plans and more
What can trumpet be used for?
  • The full sales cycle or a single stage in the buyer journey, it's up to you!

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