Easily send call recordings to Gong and gain valuable insights from your conversations

About Aloware

With Gong’s advanced analytics on your call recordings, easily send Aloware call recordings into Gong. With one click, you can go from Aloware’s record into Gong to see the insights you need most.


Quick Setup

Setting up Gong with Aloware is as easy as a few clicks, where you can authenticate and connect the two systems.

Real-Time Recording Data and User Sync

Ensure that all inbound and outbound Aloware calls are synced with Gong. Gong allows you to quickly access call history, contact information, recordings, and transcripts.

Click-to-Call for Outbound Calls

With Aloware’s chrome extension, users can easily make outbound calls with one click in Gong. Calls can be made from Aloware’s desktop app, allowing the user to never have to leave the Gong web page.

How to Connect

  1. Go to Gong’s app exchange and find Aloware
  2. Use your credentials to login to
  3. Find the integrations tab in the bottom left menu
  4. Find ‘Gong’ under the ‘Call Analytics’ apps
  5. Hit Authenticate
  6. Read the disclosure and allow Aloware and Gong to integrate
  7. Check your connection, and you are good to go


How does the automatic call transcription work within the Aloware and Gong integration?

All calls made in Aloware are automatically synchronized with Gong and transcribed for analysis, allowing you to identify conversation patterns.

Is there any additional setup required to enable the automatic call transcriptions?

No additional setup is necessary. All calls made in Aloware are automatically synchronized with Gong and transcribed for analysis as part of the integration.

How can I initiate outbound calls using Aloware within Gong?

With the integration, you can initiate outbound calls directly from Gong using Aloware's click-to-call feature. This simplifies the calling process, as you can seamlessly make calls without switching between platforms.

How does the integration between Aloware and Gong benefit my sales team?

The integration provides valuable insights by transcribing all calls made in Aloware for analysis. This data helps your sales team identify conversation patterns and make data-driven decisions to improve sales performance. It also offers real-time access to call history, contact information, recordings, and transcripts, allowing for more informed interactions with customers.

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