Spekit AI

Empower reps with the most relevant, personalized content seamlessly - right where they're already working.

About Spekit AI

With Spekit AI-powered content recommendations to automatically surface the right content at the right time, reps have instant access to enablement resources right in Gong.

Using SmartSend, sellers can generate unique, trackable share links and receive instant alerts when buyers engage with content to proactively respond - turning content into customers.

✨ Analyze Intent & Context of Gong Call Summaries

Spekit automatically serves up the exact case study or battle card needed to push a deal forward on a silver platter

That's it - no hunting, digging, messaging, or leaving Gong required

⏱ Faster Prep & Follow-up

Stay focused and close deals quicker

🙌 Boosted Confidence

Tackle any situation with the right knowledge.

🚮 Reduced Content Waste

Ensure valuable resources get used.

✅ No More Context Switching

Find resources without leaving email/call platforms

Your apps can do more.

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