Push Gong data into Snowflake in minutes, with no code required.

About Snowflake

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About the Integration

With this integration, users can securely share Gong data from its Reality Platform in an analytics-ready structure directly to a customer’s Snowflake instance in minutes, with no code required. Customers can then combine the data with other critical inputs, analyze and create visualizations in business intelligence tools, and surface insights that enable leaders to make more informed decisions.

Key Benefits

  1. Cut down on time spent pulling manual data transfers— Automate time consuming data migrations into Snowflake to quickly and easily access Gong insights along side your other data sources.

  2. Add AI-enriched customer data to business analytics to make faster decisions— Centralizing critical data helps leaders make more informed decisions faster. With the ability to visualize data in your favorite BI tool users can more easily communicate and align teams around data-based decisions.

  3. Always have access to freshest data— With Gong data being updated daily in Snowflake, you can rest assured that you're always referencing the most relevant data.

Connect Gong to Snowflake

To connect Gong to Snowflake, you need to provide your account details in Gong, wait for the connection to be confirmed and then set up the database in Snowflake.

To set up the integration in Gong:

  1. In your company settings page, click Snowflake in the Data Cloud section.
  2. Enter your Snowflake credentials:
  • Account locator: the identifier for the Snowflake account you want Gong data to be available from.

  • Account region: available from your Snowflake admin. If the account region is not included in the list, the region is not currently supported. You can ask us to add the region and we will let you know when your region is supported.

  • Supported regions are: AWS us-east-1, AWS us-west-2, AWS us-east-2, AZURE useast2, GCP us-central1, AZURE azwestus2

  • Snowflake admin email (optional): the email address of the Snowflake administrator in your company. We will send instructions to be done in Snowflake to complete the integration to this email address.

  1. Click Connect. It may take a few hours to complete the connection. You and your Snowflake admin will get an email when the connection is complete.
  2. Once the connection is confirmed, ask the Snowflake admin to set up the Snowflake database by running the following commands.

use role accountadmin;

show shares like '%GONG%'; /* Create the database using the share name */

create database GONG from share <name>;

grant imported privileges on database GONG to <roleA>;

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