Product signal-powered outreach with Pocus + Gong Engage

About Pocus

Boost your pipeline, increase reps bandwidth, and create a delightful customer experience.


Faster warm prospecting

Connect Pocus and Gong to put warm prospecting on easy mode for reps. With Pocus, reps get a prioritized list of their top opportunities based on product usage insights, so they only worry about using that data to personalize their messaging.

Personalization at scale

Improve the quality of your outreach and deliver a better experience for buyers and customers. Use product usage insights to understand who you are reaching out to and why they should care.

Automate signal-based outreach

Do you know that specific actions correlate with higher conversions? Deliver the right message at the right time to your perfect prospects. Build automations in Pocus that add contacts to an Engage Flow whenever specific criteria are met, like hitting a usage limit, approaching a paywall, or a senior user just joined the workspace.

Drive consistency

Want more control over which Engage sequences a rep can use? Easily prescribe which Engage Flows reps should use for any given signal. Knowing which messaging to use for a specific trigger event or lead type often lives in offline documentation. With Pocus, you can build this logic into your rep's inbox so they only see the leads, insights, and actions you decide.

How to Connect


  • A Pocus workspace admin account is required to set up this integration.
  • You must have Engage enabled for the users who will be utilizing this integration.
  • Whatever email your users use in Pocus ensure that email is also added to their Gong profiles so API calls will succeed when they use the integration.
  • Must have a Pocus account
  • Must have a CRM connection integrated with Gong and with Pocus (Salesforce, Hubspot, etc)
  • Make sure you are pulling in the id field of the Lead/Contact/Prospect type from the CRM into an object in Pocus.

Integration Steps:

  1. Go to Workspace Settings -> Integrations in Pocus app.
  2. Select Create Connection
  3. Name your connection
  4. Select Login with Gong
  5. A login screen will open up and you will login or if you are already logged in it will take you to a permissions page where Gong will confirm the permissions our integration needs.
  6. Select Allow when you get to that page. This should successfully add your integration to Pocus

Setting up the Enroll In Gong Flow Action:

  1. Go to an object in your workspace settings that you are pulling in data from your CRM that is also integrated with Gong (Salesforce, Hubspot, etc.) and is pulling in the CRM ids (Lead, Contact, Prospect, etc.)
  2. Go to Actions
  3. Select Add an action
  4. Select Enroll in Gong Flow
  5. This will open modal. You will need to set:
  • Select a default Flow that can be used (you'll want to choose a public one as the default as this can be used by all users). (This can get overwritten when actions are invoked.)
  • Enter the email address of a default Gong user. (If we start running anonymous actions this is the user that will be used as of now it will always be over written by the email of the user who is firing the action)
  • Select a field for a contact id or a lead id or both. If your crm just has prospect then just select the id field for that for one of these fields. You need at least one field selected.
  • Add your action
  • You can now add this action to lists for this object just like any other action in Pocus.


Does our CRM need to be hooked up in both Gong and Pocus?

Yes you need to connect your CRM to both Pocus and Gong for the integration to work.

Do I need to login to Pocus with same email as Gong Engage?

Yes, you must use the same email to login to your Pocus workspace so that we can integrate with the corresponding Gong Engage user account. If you have different emails you can add the one you use for Pocus to your Gong profile. It allows multiple emails.

Do all users using these actions in Pocus need to have Enablement seats in Gong?

Yes since their emails are used in the requests if they aren't an Engage user in Gong the calls will fail.

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