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About Loxo

Loxo accelerates sales through buyer enablement - creating custom digital salesrooms and helping teams stand out with a best-in-class buyer experience..

About the Integration

First, after a call, Gong recordings can be embedded into a minisite by selecting from a list of recent Gong calls right within Loxo.

Second, when prospects visit your minisite, the visit can be reported to Gong as an engagement so that you can see this in the activity tab within Gong, and analyses its impact on deals.


Stand out by sharing beautiful personalized content with your prospect — Loxo allows you to share content that is clean, professional, and can be quickly personalized and customized to your particular prospect. Features like variables and templates allow sales enablement professionals to set up a super-smooth process for reps when they want to send the best content to their prospects.

Keep everyone on the same page (literally) — By sharing one super-simple link with your prospect, you avoid the mess of multiple attachments being sent around within the prospect’s organization, with resources becoming out of date or hard to find. Individuals within the prospect organization have one central place to come to get all the relevant information for the deal.

See what your buyers are interested in through analytics — Loxo tracks engagement on minisites with a Hotjar-style session replay feature, which allows you to read your buyer’s mind by seeing exactly what parts of your content they stopped and looked at, and which parts they glossed over.

How to Connect

  1. Inside Loxo, go to Settings and then choose Integrations
  2. From the Integrations tab, select Gong
  3. Authenticate with Gong


  • Make sure your Salesforce integration is also working
  • Make sure your minisites use some form of email collection (unverified emails is enough) so that Gong knows which deal to associate an event with

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