Elevate Your Products with Customer Voices: LoopBridge and Gong – Turning Conversations into Innovation, Effortlessly.

About LoopBridge

The LoopBridge<>Gong integration offers a unique opportunity for product teams to delve deeply into customer interactions and extract valuable insights. By combining the conversations from Gong with the AI powered product co-pilot capabilities of LoopBridge, product teams can now transform sales calls and customer feedback into actionable insights, driving innovation and aligning product development with real customer needs.


Product Co-Pilot for Direct Customer Integration in Product Development

The Product Co-Pilot feature is a critical asset for product teams. It enables the creation of product assets like Epics directly from customer feedback, integrating the voice of the customer into daily product work. This ensures that product development is continually aligned with actual customer needs and experiences, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of product features and updates.

Advanced Trend Analysis with Segmentation

LoopBridge's powerful AI-driven trend discovery is a standout feature, enabling businesses to analyze trends across different customer segments. This functionality allows teams to understand nuanced customer behaviors and preferences within specific demographics, locations, or other criteria, ensuring that product strategies are finely tuned to address diverse customer needs.

ROI Justification for Product Initiatives

LoopBridge offers a unique capability to provide potential ROI for every product initiative by analyzing the impact on specific customer segments. This allows businesses to prioritize product developments based on their potential to affect key customer groups positively. By quantifying the customer impact, LoopBridge not only guides product strategy but also helps in making a compelling business case for each product initiative.

How to Connect

Integrating LoopBridge with Gong using OAuth is a straightforward process designed for ease of use, even for those without technical expertise. OAuth is a secure method that allows LoopBridge to access your Gong data without needing to directly handle your login credentials. Here’s how to set it up and what you can expect from the integration:

Steps to Connect Using OAuth:

Initiate the Connection:

  • In your LoopBridge interface, navigate to the integration settings and select Gong as the service to connect with.
  • Choose 'OAuth' as your connection method. OAuth is a secure way of granting LoopBridge access to Gong without sharing your password.

Authorize LoopBridge in Gong:

  • After selecting OAuth, you will be redirected to a Gong login page. Here, you need to enter your Gong credentials to log in.
  • Gong will then ask if you want to allow LoopBridge to access your data. This permission is necessary for the integration to work. Click 'Authorize' or 'Allow'.

Confirmation and Finalization:

  • Once authorized, you'll be redirected back to LoopBridge. A message should appear confirming that the connection with Gong is successful.


Will the integration affect the performance of my Gong account?

No, the integration is designed to be non-intrusive and efficient. It operates in the background, analyzing data without impacting the performance or usability of your Gong account. Users can continue to use Gong as usual without any noticeable difference in speed or functionality.

What are the prerequisites for setting up the LoopBridge<>Gong integration?

To set up the integration, you need to have administrative access to your Gong account and the necessary permissions to integrate third-party tools. No technical expertise is required for the setup, as the process is user-friendly and guided. LoopBridge support is available to assist you through the setup process if needed.

Is there a way to limit the historical data that LoopBridge analyzes from Gong?

Response: Yes, when setting up the integration or during backfill processing, you can specify the date range for the data you want LoopBridge to analyze. This allows you to focus on the most relevant or recent customer interactions, depending on your analysis needs.

Can I disconnect the Gong integration at any time?

Response: Absolutely. You have full control over the integration. If you wish to disconnect, you can do so easily from the LoopBridge integration settings page. This will stop any further data exchange between LoopBridge and Gong.

How do I access the Gong integration settings in LoopBridge?

To access the Gong integration settings in LoopBridge, log into your LoopBridge account, navigate to the 'Integrations' section, and select Gong. Here, you can view and adjust your connection settings, manage data preferences, and configure how LoopBridge interacts with your Gong data.

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