Add prospects to Gong Engage Flows directly from LeanData FlowBuilder

About LeanData

LeanData is a Salesforce-native solution that connects the right data, tools, and people at each step in the buyer journey. Seamless integration with your revenue tech stack links data and context so that you never lose track of a lead, opportunity, or account.

LeanData's integration with Gong Engage allows a user to route a prospect to the right rep with the appropriate context and then immediately queue the prospect for automated engagement, all in one system. After assignment by LeanData they are automatically added to Gong based on intent signals and keywords for fast and effective outreach with no manual input required.


Improve Rep Productivity

Automatically add inbound leads based on campaign source to the right Gong Flow in the right rep's name.

Automatic Prioritization

Add less engaged leads based on title or persona to the right Gong Flow for any outbound communication.

How to Connect

  1. Log into LeanData > Integrations > Gong
  2. On the right side of this page, enter a Flow Owner Email. Note: You can use the Flow Owner Email of any Gong Engage user in your org.
  3. Choose to use all workspaces in your org, or an individual workspace ID. Note: You can find any Workspace ID by going to Gong > Company Settings > Workspaces. Click any workspace and the workspace ID can be found in the webpage URL
  4. "Click 'Authorize Gong' and log in to Gong with your credentials."

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