Docket AI

Enhance Docket's AI sales engineer platform with Gong call data to empower sellers with accurate and up-to-date answers and curated content.

About Docket AI

Docket analyzes recorded calls, email exchanges, and deal insights to inform sales pitches, and enhance answers and messaging based on real-time customer feedback.

Using generative AI capabilities, Docket crafts precise, data-driven responses and creates sales assets, helping GTM teams effectively address customer challenges and optimize engagement strategies.

With insights from Gong, Docket can tailor answers and assets by accessing detailed customer interactions and communication records.


Generate tailored and accurate sales answers to your customers’ questions.

Generate Sales collateral and enablement assets in minutes with Docket and Gong.

Find and identify important calls as references to common customer questions.

Generate pitches and scripts with Docket and Gong’s integration.

How to Connect

Before initiating the integration process, ensure the following prerequisites are met:

You must be an Admin user in Docket. You must have Technical Administrator privileges in Gong.

  1. Login to Docket and navigate to "Settings" --> "Integrations"
  2. Find "Gong" in the list of integrations and click "Connect"
  3. Click "Connect" again on the next screen
  4. Click "Allow" in the popup window
  5. Your integration is now setup.


Does Docket use Gong’s data to train its AI?

No, Docket doesn’t train on customer data, including Gong. We use data just to serve the correct reference and tailor our answers.

What do I need to set this integration up?

You’ll need a fully functional Gong and Docket Account. Integrating Gong with Docket takes 2-3 clicks.

What access does Docket have?

Docket will only: Sync calls from Gong Sync CRM inputs from Gong Audit logs from Gong

Do I need a specific subscription to activate this feature?

No, you will not. All Docket and Gong packages should include these integration abilities.

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