Automatically uncover feature requests in sales calls

About Cardinal

Cardinal uses AI to continuously monitor sales calls, extract feature requests, and match them to the corresponding specs (PRDs) and delivery tasks, uncovering potential revenue opportunities and reducing customer frustration.


One-click integration

Once you enable the integration, Cardinal will continuously review your gong calls and identify old and new customer requests

Smart linking and de-duplication

Cardinal's technology searches for similar feature requests in the past and matches them automatically

Know your prospects' and customers' feature requests

A source of truth for all the requests coming from your customers, so you have the information to prioritize better

How to Connect

  1. Go to to create a Cardinal account
  2. In Cardinal, go to the organization settings -> Integrations, Gong → Turn it ON


Is Cardinal Free?

Cardinal provides a free 15-day trial where you can test all the features, including the Gong AI Integration.

Can any Gong user use the Cardinal?

Yes! We work with all account types, the more data you'll connect to Cardinal, the smarter the system becomes.

Cardinal screenshots

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