Win more deals by automatically detecting feature requests in Gong calls and keeping track of them in Canny.


Automatic detection of feature requests

Canny will accurately detect and keep track of feature requests—no additional work is required from your sales or success teams.

Capture important context

Canny includes context from the call notes so that product understands user needs and use cases.

Inform product prioritization

Connect feedback from sales calls to real customer data like opportunity revenue, industry, team size, etc. so your product team can prioritize accordingly.

Follow up with customers and prospects

When features are built, users can be instantly notified via email or contacted manually to close the deal.


What if the feature request detected already exists in Canny?

Canny will also automatically detect if the request is a duplicate. From your Canny admin, you can easily confirm that the detected request is correct.

How accurate is the feedback detection?

The integration is optimized for very confident feedback detection and is always improving. Salespeople are often too busy to log feedback at all so this is a huge difference.

How to Connect

  1. Make sure you are an admin in Gong and an Owner in Canny to install the integration.

  1. In your Canny Admin, go to Settings > Integrations > Gong

  1. Click on “Install Gong” and accept the permissions

Canny screenshots

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