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About Ambition

The future of sales enablement is here with Ambition’s Gong Integration. Pair the leader in sales coaching and the leader in revenue intelligence, and you have insight into and impact on your reps’ performance like never before. Run consistent, high-quality 1:1 check-ins (with fewer clicks) using the Ambition + Gong integration. Save time and surface actionable insights with Gong data in Ambition’s customizable coaching platform.

Listen to call recordings within Ambition.

Once connected, each user will have a Gong tab within each Ambition coaching 1:1. This tab provides a sorted list of the users call recordings, including the ability to:

  • Play the recording directly in Ambition
  • View comments left in Gong
  • View participant names
  • View call transcripts

See conversation intelligence alongside other coaching metrics.

In addition to Ambition’s coaching metric data, each call recording also provides the user with their interaction and activity data from Gong. These metrics are available at the user level and at the call level:

  • Gong Trackers
  • Talk Ratio
  • Longest Monologue
  • Interactivity and more

How to connect

  1. In Ambition, go to Administration > Data > Integrations.

  2. From the Integration Management page, scroll down to Gong, click Enable Integration.

  3. From the Authentication Setup tab, click Authorize to begin the authorization process.

  4. In the permission request page, click Allow to give Ambition access to Gong.

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