Your customer feedback, analyzed and actionable.

About Align

Align automatically captures and categorizes customer insights from all your qualitative data sources and makes their meaning queryable for your product team.


Discover trends as they emerge

Align automatically detects trends in customer feedback and estimates the level of impact.

Dig deeper into context

Segment your topics & insights by criteria that matter to you like deal or company size, data source and timeline.

Build cross-functional alignment

Bridge the gap between product, sales and support by focusing on customer feedback at scale.

How to Connect

  1. Sign up with it's organization at
  2. Go to the "Data sources" tab
  3. Click on "Add integration"
  4. Click on "Calls"
  5. Click on "Gong"
  6. Go through the OAuth flow

Note: Authenticating users must be Gong Tech Admins


What data sources do you support?

CRMs, Support Tooling and Slack.

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