Embed 6sense insights directly in Gong Engage.

About 6sense

The 6sense Sales Intelligence integration enables users to personalize communications and activate 6sense-collected prospect intent activities in directly in Gong Engage


Explore high-value intent activities such as de-anonymized web visits, keywords researched, form fills and more directly from the Account page in Gong Engage

Identify key members of the buying committee via the 6sense Persona Map, and purchase contact info from 6sense

Better-personalize sales outreach based on high-value intent signals, leading to more closed-won opportunities and revenue Reduce time spent swiveling between Gong and 6sense, increasing prospecting throughput and reducing Average Time to Close

How to Connect

  1. Navigate to Gong card in 6sense Integration Settings
  2. Select “Connect”
  3. Enter Gong OAuth credentials and confirm
  4. Enable the “6sense Sales Intelligence Configuration” toggle

User Level Authentication

  1. Navigate to any Account in Gong Engage
  2. Select the “6sense” tab
  3. Log-in using 6sense credentials to view account details from 6sense

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